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Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia                           Serving Halifax, Dartmouth and the rest of Nova Scotia

Corporate/Commercial Law:

Incorporation - Incorporate your business today.  For a limited time only, Basic Incorporation under $1500 for everything, including taxes, all government fees, legal fees etc.  No additional fees and no surprise costs. Call and ask for Joseph JeBailey, and let's get this set up today.  If you prefer to contact by email, send your email to    

Don't be one of those people who say "I want to incorporate my business" or "I wish I had a limited company" and then delay doing it.  

This does not happen often but here is some free advice from your accountant and from your lawyer:  Don't wait to incorporate your business.  Start enjoying tax savings now. Protect your personal assets. Don't wait until it's too late. 

Do you want a lawyer who cares about your business?  Contact Joseph today for all your business/legal needs: including Buying or Selling a Business, reviewing or preparing commercial leases, partnership agreements, shareholders agreements, employment agreements, and every other business/legal need you can think of. 

Everyone has a different personal situation.  Contact Joseph and he will be happy to listen to your personal circumstances and provide necessary guidance to assist you.  No business is too small or too big for a little help.

Real Estate Transactions - Are you looking to sell your house?  or Perhaps you are buying a house and are wondering what all the costs are.  Everyone needs a little guidance when budgeting and planning their property purchase.  Planning your property transaction is not meant to be a guessing game, so don't let someone tell you there are "closing costs" to be prepared for.  Ask for Joseph JeBailey to give you a fixed price quote for Buying or Selling a Property, or for Refinances, Getting a 2nd Mortgage, Deed Transfers etc.

Immigration Law including all types of Immigration Applications, Contact today for a Free Review of your Case. Immigrate to Canada - Use a Nova Scotia Immigration Lawyer - The Canadian Immigration system has many complicated rules – Joseph JeBailey is a Halifax Immigration Lawyer who has experience dealing with all types of Canadian Immigration Applications. Don't let yourself get buried in details. Don't let your Immigration Application be delayed by missing information/documents.  Joseph will get it right the first time ensuring you a fast and efficient process, saving you stress and helping you avoid long waiting times. 

Contact Joseph JeBailey for a Review of your case.

Criminal Law - Just because the Police charged you, does not mean you are 'guilty'. You have the right to a fair trial, right to due process, and the right to have Joseph JeBailey fight for these rights among many other things.

Wills & Estates - Get your Will done by a legal professional.  If you are thinking about buying one of those legal will kits from the store, then you are taking a big risk.  If you make any mistakes in preparing your Will, the Court may deem your Will to be invalid, and then the Government decides what happens to your assets.  Contact Joseph JeBailey to give you a free price quote to get your Will prepared. Ask for Joseph and he will be happy to listen to your personal situation.  

Notarization and/or Certification of documents - providing all services of a Notary Public.  Contact Joseph to get your Document(s) notarized.